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Surveillance under Surveillance shows you cameras and guards — watching you — almost everywhere. You can see where they are located and, if the information is available, what type they are, the area they observe, or other interesting facts.

Different icons and colors give you a quick overview about the indexed surveillance entries. Click on those icons on the map to get the available information.

Camera — no further information
Fixed cameras
Fixed camera — usually observing a limited area
Panning cameras
Panning camera — usually able to observe various areas
Dome cameras
Dome camera — usually observing a 360° area
Guard — e.g. an employee of a security service
Automatic Licence Plate Recognition
ALPR — Automatic Licence Plate Recognition
Public surveillance
Red background — observing a public outdoor area, accessable by everyone
Outdoor surveillance
Blue background — observing a private outdoor area, accessable only by authorized persons
Indoor surveillance
Green background — observing an indoor area